Honda Bulletin for 2005 CRF450X Closed Course Competion Modifications…

So honda put out a bulletin to it’s dealers a while ago about mods that should be made for people racing the CRF450X in closed course competition (aka “Smog Exempt” in California). Here’s a copy of the bulletin along with the information contained.  Click on the picture to get it bigger.
CRF450X Competition Modifications

So here we go, directly from the bulletin……..
2005 CRF450X
Competition Use Only

It is the dealer’s responsibility to investigate any potential law violation pertaining to these modifications. You should refer to the procedures based on a customer request to ride the CRF450X in closed course competition only.

To increase performance for closed course competition use only, follow the steps below. You must make all of the changes to gain more performance.

1. Confirm the customer will be racing the CRF450X on closed course race circuits such as motocross tracks where they will not be violating noise or emissions regulations.

We recommend you write the following or similar text on work order, sales invoices, or parts receipts:
Customer understands parts installation and performance modifications are not emissions or noise compliant and are for closed course competiton use only. Riding in non-competition, non-closed course setting may result in the customer receiving fines or penalties for vioulation of noise limits or exhaust emission laws.

2. Replace the standard CRF450x camshaft with a CRF450R camshaft.
P/N: 13110-MEN-670, H/C: 7530843

3. Replace the standard CRF450X exhaust header pipe and protector with CRF450R parts. Also replace the exhaust gaskets.

-Exhaust Header Pipe
P/N: 18320-MEN-730, H/C:7819618

-Exhaust Protector
P/N: 18323-MEN-730, H/C: 7819626

-Exhaust Gasket
P/N: 18291-MEB-670, H/C: 6844559

4. Replace the standard carburetor parts.

-Main Jet (from #142 to #162)
P/N: 99101-357-1620, H/C: 0419200

-Jet Needle
Change the clip position from #2 to #5

-Leak Jet (from #70 to #65)
(Accel. pump bleed)
P/N: 99108-KSC-0650, H/C: 7660558

5. Set the pilot screw to 1 3/4 turns out.

6. Remove the diffuser pipe from the muffler.

7. Increase the airbox opening as follows:

-Remove the subframe and airbox.

-Drill out the two pop rivets holding on the air snorkel and remove it.

-Cut othe section shown inside the raised cut line while wearing eye protection.

-Reinstall the airbox and the subframe.

9. Behind the left side cover there is a “natural” color main coupler. On the ECU side of this natural coupler there is a Pink wire. Underneathe the Pink wire is a blank terminal plugged with a rubber cap.

Swap the positions of the Pink wire and the rubber cap. Reconnect the coupler to the wiring harness. (In modified form, the Pink wire is NOT connected to any other wire.) For more pink wire information click here.
10. Remove the noise and emission compliant label from the rear fender.

Remind the customer these modifications are for closed course competition use only.

There you have it!!

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