F2Racing.net Demissions “PowerBack” Kit for the Honda CRF450X

CRF450X Demissions Kit
F2Racing.net has released a new Demissions “PowerBack” Kit for the Honda CRF450X, CRF250X and the 2007 Yamaha WR250 and Yamaha WR450. This kit was developed with the help of 6 time Baja 1000 winner Steve Hengeveld who races the CRF450X and is intended to get rid of the emission controls and tuning that the factories use to pass stringent smog certifications. The result, increased horsepower a cooler running bike, no more popping on deceleration from the exhaust and a 1.5 pound decrease in weight. That’s all important for us here in California with the Red Sticker/Green Sticker bikes. Getting smog approval gives you a Green Sticker and the freedom to ride all year without time or area constraints. The CRF450X is a Green Sticker in stock form.  In 2005 California was the only state that was given the smog equipped bikes.  In 2007 all CRF450X came with smog equipment.

The kit contains the following items;

1. Stainless steel tweezers, for pulling the new screw top and needle out, if you have to make changes
2. Slavens racing adjustable fuel screw
3. new leak jet
4. new adjustable needle, which is a factory kehien needle race needle
5. new screw top for the slide to secure the new needle
6. Air injection block off, correctly shaped to match the exhaust port
7. 2 – billet air box plugs
8. stainless allen accelerator pump cover screws
9. stainless allen float bowl screws
10. stainless allen fuel spigot screw
11. stainless allen intact tract block off screw

The kit is available for all years of the CRF450X including 07. For 07 Honda changed the needle design and it requires a little different setup so be sure if you order the kit you get one for the correct year.

The most unique thing about this kit is the air injection block off. It’s correctly shaped to match the exhaust port on the CRF450X head and according to the manufacturer the bike will run cleaner and crisper with the fitted piece as compared to an ordinary unit.

They warranty the workmanship and that everything will fit right.

According to Dirt Bike Magazine “The Power Back kit should be the first thing you buy for your bike!”

F2Racing.net also has other items that will be available for the CRF450X soon, we’ll let you know when we see them.

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