Leatt Brace the newest in neck protection for all you CRF450X riders.

Leatt BraceProbably the scariest injury when riding a motorcycle has to be a neck/spinal cord injury.  The newest item that’s being talked about just about everywhere is a product called the Leatt Brace.  The brace limits the over extension of your head and neck in severe crash instances.  The product is getting quite a following with several top motocross riders deciding to use it including Kevin Windham and Josh Grant.  David Bailey has also made a plea to riders to start wearing them and won’t let his own son on a bike without one.  It’s an interesting device and reminds us about the debate of the Hans device when Nascar first started looking into neck injuries after Dale Earnheardt died at Daytona.  Most drivers were resistant at first, but now it’s hard to find a driver without one and the device has trickled down to the local grass root tracks.
To keep up on all the latest news about Supercross and the Leatt Brace please check out http://sxweekendwindow.blogspot.com/search?q=leatt

Here’s a nice article on safety and the Leatt Brace from the head Dr. of Supercross, Dr. Bodnar.

And a little more reading from Dr. Mark Sanders who specializes in motorcycle injuries and is now backing the Leatt Brace

Now that you’ve read all the info, make your decision.  The CRF450X is a powerful machine and no matter how careful or slow you ride your bound to crash sooner or later.  Riding a motorcycle it’s not “if” you crash, it’s “when” you crash.  The price is small to pay if you do have a crash and the Leatt Brace brace helps.  As for us, it’s now on the wish list.


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