Taking a CRF450X to the Sand? What you need to run a Paddle tire.

CRF450X Cheng Shin Paddle TireSome of you are probably sand junkies just like us. Well to get your CRF450X running out in the dunes there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare it for a paddle. You have two basic options to run a paddle tire. A paddle tire does not simply mount up to a CRF450X as is without taking some preventative measures. If you mount a standard 8 paddle tire to your stock 18 inch rim then the tire will actually hit the mud flap and swingarm. Regardless of which option you choose you need to remove the mud flap or your paddle tire will do it for you. Another consideration you might want to take into consideration is that without the mud flap your shock on your Honda CRF450X will get sand blasted. Some run a shock skin to keep the shock protected from the elements. Your two options to get that paddle on your 450X are as follows….

1. Replace the stock chain with a longer chain, this will allow you to move the rim back further to clear the paddle. You can run a cheap chain, a 120 link allows more than enough room to get the tire in the proper position.

2. Replace the stock 51 sprocket with a 49 sprocket and leave the stock chain in place. This also allows you to move the paddle tire back to clear the swingarm. It also has the added benefit of widing out each gear and making them a little more usable. In stock form the CRF450X is a little tight geared and wids out pretty quick. The 49 sprocket widens out the gearing a little and makes each gear more useful.

Personally we find option 2 the best for our riding but it’s up to you what you do. Remember to remove that stock mud flap. Most run an 8 paddle tire, but a few have tried a 10 without many complaints. An 8 will allow a little more tire spin than the 10.

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