F2Racing.net Magentic Timing Plugs for Honda CRF450X

Magnetizer Timing Plug InstalledF2Racing.net has just released a new Magnetic Timing Plug for the CRF450X as well as most popular bikes as well. This new plug claims to function as the same job as the magnetic drain plugs. As you know magnetic drain plugs are not available for the CRF450X as the drain bolts are actually case bolts.

Magnetizer Timing Plug The above two pictures show the plug mounted on a YFZ450 Quad. The CRF450X versions are red in color.

According to F2racing.netF2’s Magnetic Timing Plugs trap metal particles and save your motor and transmission from harm. With internal magnets, they pick up the chunks that result from starter gear wear and engine break in. With an 8mm allen head they are easier to remove than the screwdriver type OEM parts. This can be done after every ride or race without needing to change the oil like with a magnetic drain plug.”

F2Racing.net supplied us with some pictures of actual testing and it looks like the plugs do their job. The pictures below show a new plug at zero miles before installation on an CRF450X and the same plug after 20.4 miles. Looks like the plug serves it’s purpose and cleans some of the junk from the oil in the CRF450X.
CRF450X Magnetizer PlugCRF450X Magnetizer Plug

The plugs sell for $59.95.

We have a set on the way and well be testing them very soon and will report the results.

You can also take a look another one of F2Racing.net’s CRF450X product the Demissions ‘PowerBack’ kit here.

We’ve got an update to the timing plugs.  We’ve performed our own test and it’s available here.

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