Applied Triple Clamps

If you do a lot of heavy offroad racing or are just into rough terrain for your offroad fun, you may find the triple clamps that comes standard on the Honda CRF450x are just not up to snuff. You need to look into an aftermarket triple clamp and the best triple clamps on the market are Applied triple clamps from Applied Racing.

A triple clamp, also called a triple tree, is what connects your motorcycle fork to your motorcycle frame. A triple clamp needs to be durable and it needs to be high quality as it takes a lot of stress in heavy off-roading and is one of the most important parts of your bike. It’s a part you don’t want to trust to just any manufacturer. That’s why you need Applied triple clamps.

Applied Racing is one of the most trusted manufacturers of motorcycle parts. Applied triple clamps have a great reputation as quality triple clamps for offroad and street racing. Applied triple clamps are made from billet aluminum. They give you better feedback and more control with better quality than the stock triple clamps that came standard with your Honda CRF450x and they even come in four colors to fit your bike’s look perfectly.

Installing your new Applied triple clamps is a relatively easy procedure. Just follow the directions to change out your factory triple clamp with the new triple clamp. Remember this is an important part of your motorcycle so if you feel uncomfortable attempting the job yourself, you can always get your favorite motorcycle shop to do the install for you.

With Applied triple clamps, you will have the quality that your safety demands combined with the feedback and control you desire. You’ll get it all at an affordable price and get down to the business of having fun on your Honda CRF450x.

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