Dual Sport Kits – Baja Designs

I’m sure you’ve thought about taking your Honda CRF450x onroad from time to time. You’ve thought about riding around town on your favorite bike or taking exhilarating rides through the hills and mountains on winding roads. With a Honda CRF450x Dual Sport kit, you can make that happen and make it happen at an affordable price.

An awesome CRF450x Dual Sport kit is the CRF450x Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit. It’s affordable and easy to install. It turns your favorite bike into a dual sportster at home both on and offroad.

The CRF450X Baja Designs Dual Sport kit gives you a headlight assembly. It gives you an LED taillight assembly and front mounted turn signals. You’ll also get a horn and turn signal switch as well as a hydraulic brake switch. Add to that a license mounting assembly to keep the local policeman happy and a custom wiring harness.

The kit comes with detailed instructions. If you’ve done any mods on your bike or changed out any parts, you’ll find that it’s a snap to install a CRF450x dual sport kit. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have your bike onroad ready in no time at all.

One thing that the CRF450x dual sport kit does not contain is DOT approved tires. You’ll need to visit your favorite tire retailer for great street legal tires that can be used for offroad fun.

Don’t waste time thinking about the fun you could have on your Honda CRF450x, get a CRF450x Dual Sport kit and start having that fun today.

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