Hammerhead Brake lever

If you are into competition racing or you just plain like to have heavy offroad fun on your Honda CRF450x, you probably find the factory brake pedal lever less than desirable in some situations. With a great bike like the Honda CRF450x, you can find the mods that make the bike truly your own. One of the best brake pedal lever mods out there is the Hammerhead brake lever kit.

Hammerhead Designs makes some of the toughest components for the Honda CRF450x and their Hammerhead brake lever kit is no exception. Serious offroad racers know that the Hammerhead brake lever kit can put them ahead of the pack in a race.

The Hammerhead brake lever kit comes with a high quality Hammerhead brake pedal lever made from Aircraft grade aluminum for awesome quality and extreme durability. The brake levers are self protecting, in an impact they spring out of the way. A small impact won’t damage your brake pedal lever. The Hammerhead brake lever kit comes with three different offset configurations to fit you as the rider. The tips are anodized red, green, blue or gold.

The Hammerhead brake lever kit comes with everything you need to switch out your stock brake pedal lever. It’s easy to install and make the changes if you are into doing bike mods yourself. In a short time, you can have a better braking experience and know that your lever can put up with whatever the terrain or competition can throw at it.

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