Testing F2Racing.net’s Magentic Timing Plugs for the CRF450X

Magnetizer Timing Plugs Ok, we let you know previously about F2Racing.net‘s Magnetic Timing Plugs for the CRF450X . The question is now, do they work?

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic9.jpg So we received the plugs nicely packaged and very quickly. The first thing we had to do was install them on our X. The process was fairly quick and took about 5 minutes max. We already had red anodized plugs installed on our CRF450X so the bling factor wasn’t upgraded much. A quick note about the timing plugs, only one side is actually magnetic. And that is the larger plug on the right. It’s submersed in the crankcase oil. The plug on the left side is not.

For testing we installed the plugs in a 2005 CRF450X with a couple thousand miles. The oil had been changed 30 miles before we installed the plugs. After the plugs were installed we went for a weekend of riding out at Dumont Dunes and put on approximately 90 miles over the weekend on the plugs. Upon return it was time for inspection. The folks at F2Racing.net claim the magnets pick up the chunks that result from starter gear wear and engine break in. So after looking at the picture of their 20 mile ride on a brand new X I wasn’t expecting much.

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic6.jpg The magnet.
CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic4.jpg Look at all that metal!!! Wow! There was a ton of particles trapped to the magnet. A good 1/8″ of metal oil sludge was firmly held in place by the magnet. This item works and I was quite surprised by how much metal it actually pulled out. As you can see in the picture the magnet was completely covered. We cleaned it off and reinstalled the plug. Our official recommendation is that this plug works, and works well. If your bike is new or old I’d definitely recommend you pick these up from F2Racing.net
A quick how to on the install.

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic7.jpg First remove the timing plug on the right side of the bike. If your not changing your oil remember to lay the bike on it’s side so you don’t have any pour out.

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic3.jpg Next remove the o-ring from the stock plug and install it on your new magnetic plug.

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic8.jpg Then reinstall. It’s a simple install that should take you 1-2 minutes tops depending on how easy it is for you to get the o-ring off the old plug.

The other timing plug is just as simple except you don’t have to worry about laying your bike over for this plug.

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic5.jpg Remove the plug using the same allen wrench as the other side plug.

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic10.jpg Replace the o-ring from the old plug on the new.

CRF450X_Timing_Plug_Magnetic1.jpg Reinstall the plug.

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