System Rig HID Lighting for the CRF450X without a stator rewind.

HID Lighting for CRF450X While looking around for some updated lighting for the CRF450X we’ve come across this HID lighting kit that doesn’t require a stator rewind according to the manufacturer.  It appears the kit uses the stock headlight housing and only adds 1.6 pounds to your bike.  HID lights are typically 3-4 times brighter than standard halogen bulbs of the same wattage.  If your not looking for a HID light and just want a cheap way to upgrade your stock light.  Check out this updated bulb for the CRF450X.  This kit looks like it’s available for the Honda CRF250X, Honda CRF450X and the Honda TRX400.  At a retail price of $299 it’s also a couple hundred dollars cheaper than other HID kits we’ve come across.

You can find the system at

Here’s the information from the manufacturer.

SYSTEM:RIG HID Now Available for Honda CRFX Models 1.6 lbs weight – $299.00 retail – hundreds less then other HID systems

System:Rig introduces another “real retrofit kit” this high density lighting system for the Honda CRF450X produces daylight type illuminator and brightness and produces about 3 times the amount of lumens compared to a halogen light. “Real HID!”

This system is the solution for your lighting requirement at the dunes, in the desert or mountain trail riding.

The unique HID bulb has no filament, so vibration is no longer a problem to a long operating life. This System:Rig HID light system uses a very high voltage ballast (20,000) to generate an arc of energy between two electrodes sealed within a gas-filled bulb. A single bulb can produce lighting equivalent to 250 watts of Halogen while actually consuming only 50 watts.

Greatly reducing heat while consuming less energy. The System:Rig lighting kit is provided complete with a HID light bulb, wiring, ballast and hardware. Some minor modifications may be required, but no need to rewind the stator or make any mods to the motor, so keeping your horsepower left alone.

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