Works Connection skid plate for the Honda CRF450X

CRF450X Works Connection Skid Plate The Works Connection Skid Plate.  It’s the most expensive skid plate available for the CRF450X.  But it’s definitely one that has more manufacturing work that goes into it compared to the others.  Every piece of this well designed plate fits tight and snug around the motor and frame.  It’s built durable and looks good and does a great job protecting your bikes vital organs from being punctured with a rock or boulder.  Street price is up close to $200, and I feel it’s worth the money given the fit and finish and the amount of protection that the unit delivers.  But there are some drawbacks to this particular skid plate that I’ve come across. 

CRF450X Works Connection Skid Plate  The first is the amount of noise that the unit pumps out.  Being a solid piece of metal under the motor reflects all of the sound directly up at the rider.  The first time you ride with this thing you’ll be scared your about ready to drop a valve.  As time goes by you’ll get used to it, but it is very noisy.

CRF450X Works Connection Skid Plate  The second is draining your transmission at oil change time.  While the unit doesn’t interfere with the transmission drain bolt (the oil filter and oil drain bolt also come out without any problems), the fluid drained makes a mess of the skid plate.  There is a hole cut in the bottom to allow the fluid to drain, but you’ll still end up with oil on your bike.  So plan for a wash immediately afterwards.

CRF450X Works Connection Skid Plate  One of the last drawbacks that we’ve noticed is checking the coolant reservoir, it’s impossible with the plate on.  The unit should be removed once in a while to check the fluid level as well as remove the accumulated dirt and rocks that find their way underneath your motor.

CRF450X Works Connection Skid Plate  The last thing worth mentioning is fitment with other after market parts.  The plate needed to be clearenced when used in conjunction with the Hammerhead Shifter.  The unit also requires some work to clear the SKB ignition guard.

Don’t let the drawbacks scare you out of buying this unit.  As they are really minor in comparison to the amount of protection the unit offers.

Here’s some info from the manufacturer Works Connection.

This heavy-duty Offroad Skid Plate is made from thick aircraft grade aluminum. It separates itself from the ordinary (off-road) Skid Plates in that it is very narrow at the base of the frame, yet is unmatched in protection. We have combined our ‘Ignition Cover Guards’ and integrated them into the skid plate. Definitely not your normal ‘SNOW SHOVEL’ style plate. The Skid Plate offers a one-of-a-kind perfect fit, and includes an oil drain access hole for easy maintenance. The Skid Plate is mounted in 6 places for simply the strongest mounting system available, yet it installs in minutes. It uses the stock nutserts in the frame for the front mounts, and the threaded hole in the front of the downtube. Supplied with the plate is also a longer lower motor-mount bolt & spacers, and finally the rear is fastened by using (2) billet machined brackets with 8mm countersunk bolts. The coolant overflow tank is kept in its stock location, we supply (2) new collars for the overflow tank mounts. Once our Skid Plate is installed, you won’t have to worry about just a piece of plastic protecting the overflow tank or vulnerable frame rails. Ride hard and throw whatever you want at it, it’ll take it! Don’t settle for the ‘average’ snow shovel’ with cheap steel straps or hose clamps holding it on, invest in the best skid plate on the market. Made in the USA.

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