HID lighting options from Baja Designs for the CRF450X

CRF450X Baja Designs Lights

In preparation for the Las Vegas to Reno race that it looks like a few friends and I will run I was researching headlight options.  My personal opinion is that HID lighting works better in the desert.  The color seems to let things stand out better than a standard Halogen light.  So knowing that Baja Designs is the company that most people go to when they need race quality lighting that’s where I’ve turned first.  There are quite a few options available for your CRF450X.

CRF450X Regulator Rectifier  The first thing you need to know about upgrading to HID lighting on your X is that you’ll need a rectifier/regulator and an upgraded stator.  The Regulator/Rectifier runs $50 and the rewinding runs about $120 through Baja Designs.   Don’t forget you’ll also require a wiring harness available for around $40.  So your at around $210 for the basics to get you started.  Now for the real money…..

CRF450X Headlight, Diablo HID, 04 Red, Electric Start  The first light in the bunch is the Diablo HID.  This one clocks in at $395.

CRF450X Racelight, M/C Single 8 Inch HID, Electric-Start  Second we have the 8 inch single HID, this one prices out at $525.

CRF450X Fuego, M/C Dual Light Kit, HID, E-Start Next is the dual Fuego Hid light setup, with one driving light and one wide cornering light, it’ll cost you $905 to look this stylish.

CRF450X Racelight, M/C Double 8 Inch HID, Electric-Start  And here it is, the big daddy of them all (not the KTM!!), the Dual 8 inch HID Racelights.  Running a nice $975 these are the ones we are hoping to run in the race.  Now it’s just up to one of our sponsors to help out.

Don’t forget each of these lights has endless options for protection and guards.  Different switch types, etc.  And most of these lights are available in a Halogen version for half the price.

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