ASV Levers

If you do a lot of offroad biking or if you’re into motorcycle racing, you know how important good quality levers are. There is nothing more irritating than having a great ride ruined with a bad clutch lever. ASV Levers are some of the best levers on the market and can hold up to the extra stress racing and heavy offroad riding can put on your levers.

Stock levers that come from the factory on your Honda CRF450x bike are good for many riders. They are made to work well in typical situations. Unfortunately racing and heavy offroad riding are not typical situations. This type of motorcycling exacts a heavy toll on factory levers. They can break, they can bind up or they can just stop working and usually it happens when you are involved in a high stress situation where reliability is needed. This is when you need an ASV Lever for your Honda CRF450x.

ASV Levers are nearly unbreakable and always deliver a high quality riding experience. ASV Levers are made with chrome steel bearings, they have stainless pivots and bushings, a chrome silicone cantilever spring that can stand up to severe abuse and still spring back into action and aerospace grade fasteners. ASV Levers are made with quality as the number one goal.

ASV Levers are designed to be rebuildable without special tools. You can keep your ASV unbreakable levers maintained and factory fresh at all times. No other levers offer as much quality as ASV Inventions levers do.

ASV Inventions know that not all riders are sized the same. They provide an adjustable reach on their ASV Levers so that if you’ve got a small, medium or large reach, you can ride comfortably.

ASV Levers keep you in the game and having fun without worrying about a breakdown. No matter if you are into street racing or offroad fun, ASV Levers are the perfect choice for your Honda CRF450x. Check out the best prices in our store.

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