CRF450x Exhaust

Modifying the stock exhaust system of your CRF450X is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your bike’s performance. Although it gets the job done, the un-modified CRF450X stock exhaust is much heavier than several aftermarket systems that are available; the stock exhaust weighs in at 8 pounds and 1.8 ounces. Another problem with the stock exhaust is that the baffle and spark arrestor system are fairly restrictive. This restriction greatly hinders exhaust flow, which in turn limits the efficiency of used fuel being moved from the cylinder. Whenever the fuel/air mixture poured into each intake stroke is limited, there will be a subsequent reduction in performance.

There are several modifications that can be made to your CRF450X to overcome the limitations of the stock exhaust system. For instance, installing the Demissions “PowerBack” Kit from is a great way to boost your CRF450X’s performance. Along with increasing horsepower and cooler running temperatures, the kit will also eliminate the popping from the exhaust that often occurs during deceleration. The Demissions PowerBack Kit will also give your bike the benefit of a 1.5 pound overall weight decrease.

Another highly effective and easy to install solution is the White Brothers E2 exhaust slip-on. It’s a one-piece unit made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. While the mid-pipe and inlet are made of stainless steel, the mounting bracket is made from billet aluminum. The E2 slip-on provides significant performance increases in the low and mid range with notable gains up top, and the throttle response is improved dramatically. It creates a nice tone while still remaining within the boundaries of the U.S.F.S. 96 db rule. Although it extends a bit farther than the stock exhaust, it doesn’t interfere with riding and it only weighs 6 pounds and 6.8 ounces (nearly two pounds less than the stock exhaust).

The CRF450X is an incredible bike with tremendous power, speed, and maneuverability. The exhaust is just one aspect that can be modified to make it perform that much better.

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