Quick Shot Acclerator Pump for CRF450X FCR Carb

Quick Shot Acclerator Pump for CRF450X FCR Carb

With a street price of about $40 the Wirtz Quick Shot accelerator pump cover is a great addition to your CRF. The aftermarket accelerator pump covers help put more fuel in the intake when you crack that throttle open. I personally use one by Boyesen. This mod does have it’s opponents though. It’s a part that may or may not improve the feel of your bike depending upon your riding style. If your slow on the gas and give the motor plenty of time to respond on its own then this mod isn’t for you. If however you want a snappy ride try one of these out.

Compared to some others on the market this item is made out of billet aluminum while some of the others are cast.

Here’s the manufacturers detail and a link to the product on their site.

Quick Shot Stock accelerator pump covers permit only a 60% – 70% fuel charge in the pump chamber. Turn the throttle and air in the chamber is compressed and fuel is delayed. The result: Hesitation or Bog. The Wirtz QuickShot cover completely fills the pump chamber with fuel, and provides instant fuel delivery, eliminating the hesitation and bog.

*Fits all 4-Stroke Keihin FCR carburetors
*Instant response to throttle movements
*Improved low end performance
*Reduced hot engine stalling
*No modification required – simple bolt-on


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