CRF450X Oil Filter and Anodized Billet Aluminum Filter Cover

CRF450X Oil Filter and Anodized Billet Aluminum Filter Cover

Ready Racing has a trick Aluminum Filter cover and stainless steel reusable oil filter.  The filter cover feels stronger than stock and might add a little protection to avert the possibility of damage to your stock unit. From the manufacturer’s site…

CompFlow is the world’s first affordable, stainless steel reusable oil filtration system. Constructed from Swiss made, precision stainless steel filter cloth, CompFlow will filter particles as small as 35 microns and is the best protection you can buy for your 4-stroke engine, end of story.

Today’s 4-strokes need lots of oil changes and CompFlow makes it simple and affordable. No more going to the store to buy oil filters, just rinse the filter with a little solvent or contact cleaner and pop it back in, quick and easy. One CompFlow filter will last the life of your bike, and provide protection that far exceeds standard paper oil filters.

The cover and filter run $59.95 together or you can get the cover by itself for $39.95 or the filter by itself for $49.95.

Ready Racing Oil Filter

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