ZipTy Racing Hot Start Carb Nut

ZipTy Racing Hot Start Carb Nut Ty’s Hot Start Carb Nut fits the 03-04 YZ/WR 250F/450F, as well as the CRFs, KX-Fs, RM-Zs, and KTM ‘RFS’ bikes, and replaces the stock plastic unit with a red anodized, billet aluminum unit. If Ty designs a replacement part, he doesn’t just solve the one problem which initiates his quest for a better part. He will try to improve the part in any way he can. In the case of the Hot Start Carb Nut, that’s exactly what he did. The stock plastic nut can crack and self-destruct without even touching it. And, it was very difficult to get a wrench on the hex given the tight confines of that area of the carb. Ty created a much smaller hex – 10mm – which takes the smaller wrench. Now, you can actually get a wrench on it. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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