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CRF450X Fast Cap F2 Fast-Cap

The F2 racing Fast-Cap is a product developed by the great minds at F2 racing, which is designed to keep the flow of the fuel constant. When testing the world’s fastest bike, researchers at F2 noticed that it would start to “run lean” at very high speeds, as the stock float bowl cap allows fuel to flow away from the center, where the jets are fed. With this $30 cap, performance is improved dramatically, as the fuel flow is more direct. At sustained high speeds, the problem of the bike “running lean” or not getting enough fuel, is eliminated and a far more consistent top speed is achieved. The Fast-Cap is a relatively small after market part that fits on to an existing carburetor. F2 claims that in nearly any kind of racing, the top speed is not only more consistent than with the stock, but also higher. On the world’s fastest dirt bike they were able to obtain another 800 RPM and an extra 6 miles per hour in the top speed! And this was with no other modifications, just the simple $30 F2 Fast-cap.

This product has been proven to be beneficial not only to pure racers, but also for trail riders. The cap is said to achieve a far more constant fuel flow, which means a far crisper throttle response, exactly what many trail riders are looking for in a product. Reviewers have claimed that they saw a definite increase in smoothness over the stock setup, especially in uphill climbs and large jumps. The Fast Cap is also excellent at improving crispness across obstacles and turns, simply because it is better at controlling the fuel flow than the stock parts. This smoothness in control and throttle response means that many people will become more confident riders, never having to worry about stutters or slight losses in power, at the top of a hill or jump, where it is needed most. The Fast-Cap fits all FCR and Kehien 2-stroke carburetors, comes in red or orange, and is very comparably priced at $30.

Check out the F2 Fast-Cap at F2 Racing

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