Exhaust Options for the CRF450X – Part 1

Yoshimura CRF450X Exhaust When it comes to the exhaust system on the CRF450X there are a great deal of aftermarket options to choose from. Many feel that the bike tends to be too sluggish with the stock exhaust and are looking for more power up top. One product that provides the desired results is the Yoshimura TRC Stainless/Carbon Slip-On. This is a race proven exhaust from Yoshimura that has gotten rave reviews from professionals and amateurs alike. The system has a stainless steel header and midpipe, an attractive carbon fiber muffler sleeve, as well as a 96db low-volume insert. At $395, it is well priced and the quality and performance are nearly unbeatable for a slip-on.

FMF CRF450X Exhaust Another option to look at for slip-on exhausts, is the FMF Factory 4.1 SL with Titanium or Stainless Steel Midpipe. FMF says that “anyone can make a bolt on system, but not anyone can give you the innovations and patent pending technologies FMF offers”. The Factory 4.1 SL was created to boost mid torque, broaden the powerband, and increase the over-rev. It features the exclusive Chamber Core technology, is said to improve handling by centralizing mass, and unlike the Yoshimura is made from premium quality American materials. The FMF Factory 4.1 SL can be customized with performance tuning inserts as well as a spark arrestor module. This great slip-on may not be as proven as a full exhaust system, but the wealth of technologies, innovations, and research that have gone into its creation show that it is not just another bolt-on system. It is priced comparably at $425 to $500.

For more information on the FMF Factory 4.1 Slip-On go to FMF Racing

If you want to learn more about the Yoshimura TRC Slip-On go to Yoshimura R&D

Yoshimura Titanium CRF450X If you desire a guaranteed performance increase, going with a full exhaust system from Yoshimura R&D is likely the best bet. Yoshimura’s RS-2 Full Exhaust system comes in three varieties; Titanium/Carbon, Titanium/Titanium, and Stainless/Aluminum. The Stainless/Aluminum option is priced significantly cheaper at $595 compared to $895 and $845 respectively, but this obviously comes at the price of being heavier, and not quite as durable. Regardless of the trim option, the RS-2 Exhaust system from Yoshimura outperforms the stock system almost across the board, clearly breaking away in the 8,000-11,000 RPM range. If you desire tested and proven mid to high range power this is definitely the system to buy. The RS-2 Pro_Series features a removable 99db USFS approved low-volume insert, a Titanium or Stainless header and mid-pipe, and three variations of sleeve options.

For more information on The RS-2 Pro-Series Exhaust go to Yoshimura R&D

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