R&D Flex Jet Remote Fuel Screw for CRF450X

Flex Jet CRF450X A really great part to purchase for the Honda CRF450X if your sick and tired of burning your fingers when adjusting a stuck fuel screw is R&D’s Flex Jet Remote Fuel Screw. This solves not only the first problem, but also eliminates the possibility of the fuel screw vibrating loose while riding. With bikes getting faster and riders taking more risks fuel screws have a tendency to sometimes vibrate loose and come off while riding. This fuel screw solves this problem completely while keeping your hands away from any hot metal after riding. This revolutionary new remote fuel screw has a very simple yet effective flexible shaft design. R&D claims this design is so effective it has become the new industry standard. With this flexible shaft, the fuel screw is now easily accessible, meaning that quick adjustments can be made rather than long strenuous ones.

Loose fuel screws which plague many riders, especially those of the Honda CRF450X, are a thing of the past with the Flex-Jet Fuel Screw. The product has the ability to hold its setting no matter how much vibration , something many riders will be happy to hear. This product is excellent for both track and trail riding, and is almost essential for those who are sick of burning their fingers, or having any sort of hassle with their bike’s fuel screw. This product fits most bikes, including the Honda CRF450X. Installation is a breeze and the price is worth it, considering the amount of hassle it saves. The R&D Flex Jet Remote Fuel Screw can be found at R&D Racing

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