Roc Stompa Steering Dampener for CRF450X

CRF450X Roc Stompa Steering Dampener

This Steering Dampener, engineered by the Roc Stompa Company, is a superb way to decrease rider fatigue on your Honda CRF450X, by increasing steering ability as well as handling. A really good steering dampener is essential if you desire better control of your bike and want a small, easy to install part. The Roc Stompa Steering Dampener is especially useful because both the Original and Advanced versions feature a unique “Push-to-Cancel/Activate” dampening release feature. This means that when you need zero dampening in a hurry, for a short period of time, you can turn it off with a simple push of a knob. When you need the dampening features back, it is as easy as pulling the knob back up and the Roc Stompa will re-engage dampening at the previous settings.

But that’s not the only great part about this product. Not only is the Roc Stompa Steering Dampener very easy to use, and effective at dampening steering, but it is also extremely durable. Made out of tough 7075 Aerospace Grade billet aluminum, this product is going to stand up to everything you can throw at it. It can even handle the elements as well, since it is fully anodized for maximum surface protection and corrosion resistance. While being so tough, the dampener also manages to remain lightweight, by having a compact form factor and extremely durable lightweight materials. The Roc Stompa is also proven to be strong, since it is FEA (Finite Element Analysis) tested. This means that stress points were located in designing it to determine the strongest possible construction, making this one part that’s likely never to break on you.

The Roc Stompa Steering Dampener stands out from other dampeners, not only in its strong lightweight construction, but also in its unique progressive dampening control. Most dampeners on the market require you to take your eyes off the track to adjust dampening, which is both dangerous, and ineffective, not to mention the fact that it slows you down. The Roc Stompa can produce dampening anywhere along the dial with just a simple adjustment, meaning you can keep your speed up and eyes on the road, even when adjusting dampening, both very critical with a beast of a bike like the CRF450X.

The Roc Stompa Steering Dampener comes in two varieties, the Original in red to match your Honda and the Advanced in yellow. While the Advanced was designed with desert racing and motocross in mind, the Original was designed for most trail riders and amateurs, and offers excellent value for money. Both feature the same technologies, but the Advanced adds more durability, with a steel arm and pin. Also included in the Advanced is zero dampening on return to center, meaning that the bike will get on track even faster. The Roc Stompa has very easy mounting kits which fit most bike types and models. There are both above and under bar kits. Like the rest of the product, the kits are constructed with durable 7075 Aerospace Grade billet Aluminum. The Roc Stompa can be purchased from

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