CRF450X R&D Racing “The Original” Power Pump W/ALJ

CRF450X Power Pump From R&J Racing comes “The Original” Power Pump with Adjustable Leak Jet (ALJ). This part ends the pain and drudgery of spending hours adjusting the jetting on your bike, making the process incredibly fast and simple. It allows you to tune your accelorator pump setting in seconds, generating an extremely quick and crisp throttle response in your Honda CRF450X or other dirt bike. The kit includes four parts: the power pump, adjustable Leak Jet, Linkage Spring and Leak Jet Plug. The “Anti-cavitation” accelerator pump chamber is designed with two separate fuel ports. This unique design creates a natural purge with port one, meaning that entrapped air escapes through the leak jet hole. This also means that the second port is isolated and low in the fuel sump area resulting in fuel only into the venturi, not air.

“The Original” Power Pump w/ALJ is very easy to tune, meaning you can start getting quicker, more crisp throttle response almost instantly. This improves acceleration and power as a result, and of course makes you a better rider. This pump is great because it is essentially bolt-on power for the Honda CRF450X. There is no need to be an engineer or professional rider to get more power and throttle response out of your bike, parts like this can do the job nearly as well. The best part is that no drilling or modifications are required. Unlike some parts which are nearly impossible to install, and require you to rip apart your entire bike, “The Original” Pump from R&D Racing can be installed easily for instant improvement. At $100, it is also not a huge detriment to your wallet for the improvements it provides. “The Original” Pump fits most FCR-MX carburetors, including the Honda CRF450x. I would recommend this part to anyone interested in quick effective performance increases, to both track and trail riders.

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