CRF450X Black Anodized Forks and Black Shock Body

CRF450X Black Anodized Forks

CRF450X Black Anodized Forks

Are you looking for that trick factory works look? One of the biggest things you can do with your bike is to change the stock color scheme or give your major parts the works factory look. Any part that looks like it’s made from unobtanium always grabs attention. Anodizing your forks and shocks not only grabs the attention of the casual person checking out your ride, but it also grabs even the most seasoned CRF450X riders attention.

Anodizing your fork and shock isn’t a bank breaker, but it does require some work.  The fork and shock will have to be completely disassembled before it can be sent to an anodizer.  Follow the steps below and your on your path to trick looking parts.

CRF450X Black Anodized Shock

CRF450X Black Anodized Shock

-Remove the forks and shock from your CRF450X.

-Completely disassemble the fork including the rings around the bottom that protect your for leg plastics from rubbing on your fork tubes.

-Wash the fork tube using either carb cleaner or soapy water to get rid of the oily residue.

-Disassemble the shock. You must remove everything, even the adjuster. You’ll also need to remove the bearing from the top of the body. This is held in by two clips and the bearing itself is pressed in. You may be able to remove it without a press, but a press is recommended. You can normally have this done at your local shop for about $10.

-Clean out the shock using either carb cleaner or soapy water to get rid of the oily residue.

-Find an anodizing shop. We use Alumin-Art Plating Company, Inc. a Southern California based company and have on several projects. After using a few different anodizers they always turn out the best quality work with great looking long lasting color for all of our CRF450X parts. The anodizing and prep work itself should cost you about $150. You can try Google to find one local to you.

-Package the items up if your shipping them out or take them to the anodizer.

The work is definitely worth the results. Our parts came back looking better than new.

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