The future of goggles is right here

recon_transcendHave you ever been running a race and wondered how many minutes are left? Ever wanted to know how fast you were going but didn’t want to look down at your dashboard computer? Ever wondered what the exact elevation and temperature is so you could jet perfectly? Your average speed while riding? How about comparing runs on a course from different dates to compare your performance? I bet you never thought you could rely on a pair of goggles for all of this and more. Enter the new transcend goggle from Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments. While not aimed at motorcycles riders, for the moment, the Zeal Optics Transcend goggle has a built in HUD (Heads Up Display) and full GPS functionality. I’ve been fascinated with HUD technology since my time working on them in F15 fighters for the US Air Force. Anytime you can keep your focus and eyes tracking something while having all of the information you need right in front of you allows you to make quicker decisions and not lose valuable time looking away.

Here’s a run down of the features on this goggle.
Full GPS Capabilities
Head Mounted Display – LCD display mounted inside goggle
Real time stats – Speed – Altitude – Vertical odometer
Stopwatch/chronos mode
USB Port for downloading and analyzing stats on your computer
Google map overlay
Total weight 257 grams
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery – 7 hour run time
Recon instruments Software (PC and Mac compatible) with Google map overlay for reviewing stats and highlights

Check out this teaser video.

This is just the begging. This technology is in it’s infancy. Imagine all of the possibilities the future holds with time and development. Off the top of my head here is where I could see the future expanding.
-Way point navigation (keeps you on course and away from those nasty “SCORE Course Deviation” penalties). Danger markers when pre-running a course just like the big dog Trophy Trucks have.
-Engine monitoring (How about RPMs, gear, etc), you could even build in a shift light.
-Buddy monitoring. Has your buddy stopped or crashed, where is he? Guided navigation to exactly where he crashed.
-First time on a new track? How about a little built in help with suggested speeds for hitting jumps.
-Ride information. Have a sick new trail you found and would like to share it? Upload it and let everyone else download it giving them way points to follow.
-You know that natural double you cleared that you claim was 120 feet long? Prove it with a mixture of video and GPS.

This is just the start. Let’s hope Zeal pushes something to the motocross market soon. I’d love to have this things when out riding the desert on my CRF450X.

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