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CRF450X R&D Racing “The Original” Power Pump W/ALJ

July 31, 2008

From R&J Racing comes “The Original” Power Pump with Adjustable Leak Jet (ALJ). This part ends the pain and drudgery of spending hours adjusting the jetting on your bike, making the process incredibly fast and simple. It allows you to tune your accelorator pump setting in seconds, generating an extremely quick and crisp throttle response […]

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Roc Stompa Steering Dampener for CRF450X

July 29, 2008

This Steering Dampener, engineered by the Roc Stompa Company, is a superb way to decrease rider fatigue on your Honda CRF450X, by increasing steering ability as well as handling. A really good steering dampener is essential if you desire better control of your bike and want a small, easy to install part. The Roc Stompa […]

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R&D Flex Jet Remote Fuel Screw for CRF450X

July 23, 2008

A really great part to purchase for the Honda CRF450X if your sick and tired of burning your fingers when adjusting a stuck fuel screw is R&D’s Flex Jet Remote Fuel Screw. This solves not only the first problem, but also eliminates the possibility of the fuel screw vibrating loose while riding. With bikes getting […]

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